Smart Communications

We personally deliver the Call for Nominations via email (MailChimp) to all those who have provided you with permission to use their online address...

... and the old-fashioned way (by post) to those with only personal contact. This offers cost savings to you.

We keep you in the loop by providing the board chair and/or principal with regular updates on who has been nominated.

We apply an electronic cross-checking system for updating addresses on the electoral roll.

Our Candidate Statements are accurate, look smart and enhance your school's reputation for quality.

We have a voting reminder system via email and text to maximise participation.

Online Nominations

We have successfully trialled on-line nominations. It reduces double-handling for your office, and is more efficient.

Nominees know their nominations has been received because we give them a receipt.

What we do

Our service is built on experience about what works best:

  • Quality assurance We have built into all our systems, including enrolment, preparation of the electoral roll, preparation of voting papers and candidate statements a quality assurance system to eliminate errors.
  • Accurate booking Our simple online booking form confirms the number of vacancies to fill, the voting date and the contract agreement.
  • Electoral rolls We prepare the electoral rolls for parents and staff from the data you supply, and ensure that it is publicly available for inspection. We ensure privacy and security requirements are met.
  • Multiple databases For intermediate schools, we run a cross-checking system to minimise errors in the electoral roll from multiple databases. We ensure that only in-zone students from contributing schools are included in your electoral roll.
  • Call for Nominations Your call is distributed according to regulatory requirements to reach each parent or caregiver on your electoral roll.
  • Public notices We book and prepare public notices for your local newspaper
  • Voting papers are prepared and sent out promptly with FreePost envelopes for efficient processing.
  • Candidate Statements We help you to streamline your publicity for the election by releasing Candidate Statements to you so you can use them in your own social media, website, or flyers.
  • Voter Participation We encourage better participation rates by offering a three-step electronic reminder service direct to voters
  • Vote Count We manage the tallying of votes, including arranging venues and process if scrutineers are called for.
  • Declarations We agree with the outgoing board chair and/or principal how candidates will be notified of the results, make the official declaration, and arrange for the public notice for your local newspaper.
  • Complete documentation We submit the Ministry of Education return for you
  • District Court We also file papers with the District Court, as required by legislation.

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